Hi, my name is Will. Before you read any further, you should know I hate writing about myself, so I'm not going to do it. These other people say much nicer things anyway. 

Other important tidbits:
I like hot sauce, nerdery, and college football.

I dislike laundry, planograms, and socks that don’t stay up.

Send your college football hot takes and professional inquiries to the address below.

678 938 7528

Reviews & Recos


Steve Babcock

ECD at EVB (Currently CCO at VaynerMedia)

First things first, Will is funny. His sense of humor benefits the work as well as the culture. He's a solid talent. He gets this business. He's versatile and proactive. You can put Will on just about any project and rest assured that it'll get done and get done well above expectation. Hire Will. Trust me.


Tom Markham

ECD at CP+B (Currently ECD at BBDO NY)

Will is a pleasure to work with. Good ideas, solid writing, and a great attitude. Works hard, always calm, always smiling, gets on with everyone. Highly recommended.

Kate McQuail Kayne

Creative Director at Victors & Spoils

I had the pleasure of working with Will on a whole lot of JCPenney business during his time at EVB. What's great about Will is that he gets it. He brings big ideas to even the smallest assignments, and incredible ideas to the big assignments. His writing has a great tone of voice, but one that also solves for a problem, rather than being stylistic for style's sake. He cranks out work that's smart and on-point, whether that is a stellar headline or a treatment for a video. When Will worked on an assignment for me, I always felt better knowing that I would get pages full of ideas and options that were interesting and creative. If you get the opportunity to work with him, consider me jealous.

Rich Ford

VP/Group Creative Director at EVB (Currently Creative Director at Deutsch LA)

If you think you're going to find someone who writes as well as Will, is as funny and culturally aware as Will, understands strategy and client needs as well as Will, is as hard-working and dependable as Will, is as proficient in any and all media as Will, can manage junior teams and run client meetings like Will, or is as generally pleasant and personable a human being as Will, you're wrong. DEAD WRONG.

Regan Riddoch

Operations Director at Victors & Spoils + Creative Manager at CP+B

I've been honored to work with Will at both CP+B as well as Victors & Spoils and he's a delight to work with on any basis.

He's organized, responsible and mature under the most stressful of situations. I've witnessed him manage an immense workload with impossible deadlines, while simultaneously producing projects. All the while keeping his awesome sense of humor. And come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen Will without a giant smile on his face.

I'm always impressed by his talent, diligence and attitude and I hope to continue working with him in the future