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Share a Coke: 1,000 Name Celebration

Coca-Cola asked us to create one radio spot to announce that over 1000 first and last names would be featured on Coke bottles for the summer. We did the polar opposite and wrote over 1000 unique spots that turned every single name into a custom Coke jingle. 

All credit for this idea goes to Sherman Winfield and James Beikmohamadi – two dudes who found it in their heart to let other people help write over 1000 songs in two weeks.  

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One Show Best in Category & Gold / Radio Custom Content
One Show Silver / Innovation in Radio
One Show Silver / Experiential Radio
One Show Bronze / Craft Use of Music
One Show Merits / Mobile, Innovation in Social, Integrated, Craft
Art Directors Club Silver Cube / Innovation
D&AD Wood Pencil / Crafts for Advertising
D&AD Wood Pencil / Use of Radio & Audio
Webby People's Voice Nominee / Real-Time Response
Webby Honoree / Technical Achievement
New York Festivals / First Prize, Second Prize x2, Third Prize
Radio Mercury Awards / Best of Show
Creativity's Integrated & Interactive Campaigns of the Year