What do you do when your company hires six fresh faced creatives with a ton of questions about almost everything? 

My partner and I set up a weekly get together / class / confidence booster where we gave a presentation on things we wish we knew when we started out, and answered all their questions about agency life from concepting to timesheeting.

Basically, we gave them the combined education of the Creative Circus and Brandcenter for free with a little splash of HR housekeeping.

Also, we made this booklet with the basics of brainstorming.

#EVBasics is the class I wish I had in college - real world advice, tips and tricks from the wickedly talented Will and Allison, and no homework. I learned so much and am so grateful for them taking us under their wing and helping us improve our skills. 10/10 would learn again.
— Ashley Rutstein (Writer)
Inside knowledge is usually very well protected in agencies. Either you learn from your mistakes the hard way, or maybe you find the right mentor that most likely doesn’t have the time to talk to you. #EVBasics was neither. I had TWO very willing, open and experienced mentors casually talking to me and a few others about everything from how to do an expense report, to the best steps to take when I’m having a creative brain fart. #bestthingtohappentomycareer
— Cassia Peterson (Designer)
EVBasics was a mentorship program that Allison and Will took the initiative to prepare and bottle-feed to us, the junior creatives. They broke down the creative process in a digestible manner. Their knowledge feast will provoke a great regurgitation of strong creative work.
— Eli Perez (Art Director)
Had it not been for Will and Allison taking me under their collective wing, I don’t know how I would have made it through my first months at EVB. Will was there during my first midnight headline freakout, and his advice got me through. Knowing I was a total newb to the advertising world, he brought in his stack of ad school books to help get me up to speed. Watching Will and Allison work as a team provided an ideal example of how I hope to get things done—not only are they brilliant at what they do, they are considerate, caring, and just all around fantastic people to work with. The two of them saw a need for guidance and mentorship, and instead of just saying “we don’t have time,” (which they didn’t), they started EVBasics. Having a comfortable space to ask questions, especially to two people who we respect and admire as much as Will & Allison, was (and continues to be) absolutely invaluable to myself and the rest of the junior team.
— Carly Blitz (Copywriter)